There seems to be no shortage of cute platformers with 8-bit-style graphics and music lately, but if you aren't bored of them yet, here are two more that have popped up! The video you see above is for Dooder, a sidescroller with charming pastel graphics from Matthew Thomas Seely.

Seely just released a Windows demo for Dooder, which has you controlling the game's titular hero as he collects power-ups, fights monsters called "Dooms" with his light sword, and flies around looking cute.

The other title we wanted to feature, spotted by our sister site, is Nikki and the Robots, an indie title from Joyride Laboratories that "homage to the classical platform games of the eighties and nineties".

In the game, you control Nikki, a catgirl that doesn't actually get to use any weapons or equipment but can hack into super villain Dr. Lacroix robots, taking control over them to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and complete any other level tasks.

Nikki and the Robots will release for Windows/Max/Linux later this year. You can watch a trailer for that, as well as another Dooder video, below: