Nicalis has posted a new teaser site for NightSky, its ambient action game/physics-based puzzler for WiiWare, created by Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren (Knytt). The site offers new videos, screenshots, and details for the 2009 IGF awards finalist.

Spanning 10 levels (which are broken down into 13 additional areas) and promising around six hours of gameplay, NightSky has you navigating a crystal sphere across "sunset plains, dreary mountains, abandoned ruins, and other locales" while solving physics-based puzzles and hopping on different "vehicles" with unique properties.

Along with multiple difficulties, the game offers an unlockable second quest with "significantly modified topography, secret areas, and all-new challenges". Those looking for a challenge will also find a "formidable tak for even the hardest of the hardcore players", too.

While the new game information and media are reasons enough to visit the site, it also provides a great preview of experimental jazz musician Chris Schlarb atmospheric music for NightSky's soundtrack -- Nicalis says the game features over an hour of live-recorded audio. You can read an interview we published with Schlarb last April here.