Kill Screen, the new gaming mag from ex-Wall Street Journal reporter Jamin Brophy-Warren and collaborators like Chris Dahlen, is preparing to ship out its second issue within a couple weeks, and it's offering 96 pages of articles, nearly double its pagecount for the first issue.

This "No Fun" issue features several interviews with notable indie game designers like Mark "messhof" Essen (Cream Wolf, Flywrench), Anna "Auntie Pixelante" Anthropy (Redder, Mighty Jill Off), and Krystian Majewski (2010 IGF multi-award finalist Trauma), and Jess Chavez.

It also offers promising articles like "the incredible story of New York City’s 30-year ban on pinball" by John Teti, a pick for the video game feminist of the decade by GSW guest editor Jenn Frank, and "the most disgusting puzzle in interactive fiction history" by Zack Handlen.

You can see the full contents of Kill Screen #1 and order the issue online for $20 at the magazine's site.