If you're a fan of indie game designer Kenta Cho and his shoot'em ups, run out (or pick up your iPhone) and grab rRootage Online from the App Store, a new, improved and free adaptation of 2003 PC shmup rRootage, ported by Miko Wohlgemuth.

Developer Lazrhog put out his own iPhone port of rRootage in October 2008, but Wohlgemuth's version adds online leaderboards, music, sound effects, full iOS4 compatibility, and more. Lazrhog liked this new version so much, he actually took down his port from the App Store!

rRootage Online also features four gameplay modes, three of which are inspired by shoot'em up classics like Psyvariar, Giga Wing, and Ikaruga -- you can read more details about those after the break.

Normal mode

  • This is the standard game mode.
  • Your ship becomes slow while holding the laser key.
  • Special -> Bomb - The bomb wipes enemies' bullets. The number of bombs are displayed at the right-down corner.

PSY mode

  • As your ship grazes a bullet, the graze meter(displayed at the right-down corner) increases.
  • When the graze meter becomes full, the ship becomes invincible for a while.
  • Special -> Rolling - This movement widen the range that the ship can graze. While holding this key, the ship becomes slow.
  • If you want to move faster, tap this key.

IKA mode

  • Your ship has two attributes, white and black.
  • All bullets also have these attributes, and your ship can absorb bullets that has the same attribute.
  • Absorbed bullets are changed into lasers automatically.
  • Special -> Attribution change - Change your ship's attribute.

GW mode

  • Your ship can use the reflector.
  • The reflector reflects bullets around your ship.
  • Special -> Reflector - To use the reflector, you have to hold this key until the reflector meter(displayed at the right-down corner) becomes empty. You can use the reflector only if the reflector meter displays 'OK'.

[Via FingerGaming]