Indie game designer Noel Berry posted this new video for his puzzle platformer project Leap 4 Blue, which he started work on several months ago for TIGJam: Winnipeg. In the Flash title, you create and place platforms that help you reach glowing/shining squares that you need to collect before completing the stage.

If you've already seen the original Leap 4 Blue trailer (embedded after the break), this video introduces some new elements, like "currents", which act as conveyor belts to move around your platforms. This clip also features music from Infinite Ammo's Alec Holowka (Liam Berry also contributed to the soundtrack).

The developer hasn't said when Leap 4 Blue will release, but he previously stated that he wants to create 50 levels for the game before seeking sponsorship. This trailer shows levels 20-25 from Leap 4 Blue.