I hadn't heard anything about this until Andriasang posted about pre-order bonuses for the game this morning, but CyberFront is porting Kana: Little Sister (Kana Imouto) to PSP in Japan.

Those of you who recall our Aberrant Gamer column or Leigh Alexander's piece on Kana: Little Sister will remember it as that incest-themed visual novel game. Leigh described it best, though, as "much less a sex game than it is a self-generated essay on deep-rooted human essentials: the value of life, the nature of family, the manifold definitions of love".

It's also the game that apparently got a Japanese father into serious trouble after his wife discovered that he named their daughter after the eroge's titular character (he had told her before that Kana was the name of a "really wonderful child" from a book he read years ago).

Originally released for PCs in Japan in 1999, Kana: Little Sister will ship for PSPs this October with new artwork (based on the original character designs, not on those from the 2004 Kana Okaeri remake), re-recorded voices, a new opening movie, around 20 new CG events, and more.

CyberFront has likely taken some elements out, however, in order to make the game more appropriate to the PSP audience. It appears that the developer has edited out the nude/pornographic scenes, as was going to be the case with Panther Software's cancelled Xbox 360 port of Kana: Little Sister.

You can learn more about Kana: Little Sister's PSP port at CyberFront's Japanese site for the game.