If you've already played indie shoot'em up Hydorah -- which you should, as it's not to be missed (and it's free!) -- you probably can't wait for the next project out of Spanish indie developer Locomalito, who, for the most part, designed and coded the Gradius/R-Type-influenced game by himself over the course of three years.

Locomalito gave some clues on his next title, The Curse of Issyos, in his interview with our sister site IndieGames.com earlier this month, calling it an ancient Greek mythology action-arcade game. He gave up even more details on the project in a recent Q&A with Just One More Game:

"It’s the kind of game I love to play now, as I don’t have time to play more than 30 or 40 minutes a day. It’s a straightforward (hard) arcade/platform game, with no more than 30 minutes of gameplay in a row. The Curse of Issyos has NES style graphics/look and feel, chip tunes, clear playability…

It’s focused on Greek mythology. I’m trying to mix the smell of Mediterranean sea ambiance and the power of 8bit games, two things I love!

The references for this game are titles like Shinobi, Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins, Castlevania III, and Megaman."

Fans of Hydorah who can't get enough of the game, even after reading its "Making Of" document, should definitely read the full Just One More Game interview to check out some sketches from Locomalito, the story behind his strange nickname, his ideas on what makes a memorable boss, and more.