In preparation for Two Worlds II's North American launch this September, Southpeak Interactive has tamed up with comedian Ian Bagg to put together a humorous series of promotional videos that pokes fun at the first game's quality and the RPG's former evil lord Sordahon.

The series follows the dejected villain after his escape from Two Worlds, as he wastes his days letting the messages on his answering machine pile up, and as he looks for a new job to replace his evil lord gig -- all while ignoring orders from his boss Gandohar.

While the writing is clever, what really makes the videos for me is Sordahon's cheap get-up, which Fidgit speculates was "pulled out of a closet where it had been sitting since it was made to promote the original game a few years ago."

Southpeak says it has two more weekly episodes ready to release and wants to extend the series. You can also expect "Gandohar Calling" ring tones in the near future, too!