Looking at the feature-length stories from the Gamasutra network, here's the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus the new GameCareerGuide pieces that debuted last week.

Some of the neat things in here might include a piece on iPad vs. iPhone SKUs for games, the point and click adventure re-imagined, plus the regular NPD analysis, Eric-Jon Waugh on Castlevania III, and more GCG neatness ahoy.

Poing poing poing:

Going Inside The 3DS
"Griptonite Games studio head JC Connors discusses his experiences with the Nintendo 3DS hardware as one of the first external developers to work with it, and how the new handheld is best served from technological, design, and art perspectives."

Game Strategies: iPad vs. iPhone
"With the iPad newly-established as a gaming platform, should iPhone developers be creating 'universal' builds for the same price or making brand-new HD versions of their games? Developers such Semi Secret (Canabalt) and Firemint (Flight Control) weigh in."

State Of The Point-and-Click Art
"The graphical adventure genre has some life in it yet, and here experienced contemporary developer Andrew Goulding turns his experiences with PlayFirst's Avenue Flo and Emerald City Confidential, as well as his own Jolly Rover, into salient design rules."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, May 2010
"In his latest in-depth analysis of the NPD U.S. video game console retail charts for May 2010, Matt Matthews examines "the idea that the retail-focused game industry is not simply in a lull but truly contracting", using exclusive data to probe the state of tjhe market."

No Truth In Game Design: An Argument For Idolatry
"Writer Jason Johnson ruminates on the application of religious symbolism to game design -- and issues a call to understand the essential forms that underpin design, rather than the surface appearances that are much more easily discussed and replicated."

GCG: Good Games, Bad Design - Episode 1: What's at Stake
"In the first part of a new series, Eric-Jon Rössel Tairne analyzes a good game that doesn't quite hit the mark in terms of its overall design -- starting with the NES classic Castlevania III."

GCG: Five Common Mistakes In Choosing Masters Programs For Video Games
"In this analysis, David McClure looks at university Masters programs in general - and video game programs in particular - to look at what could go right or wrong in your choice of further education around games."