Crayon Physics Deluxe developer Petri Purho and Dennis Belfrage has put out a curious physics-based puzzler called Cut It, which has players using their mouse to snip platforms and safely transport a box to safety across 10 stages.

"It started out as a tech test for a completely different game," says Purho. "I ended up polishing up the test and creating some levels to it and now it’s a 'real' game. And by real I mean as real as a quick and dirty prototype that was created in few days can be."

The game can turn frustrating, if not outright maddening, after dozens of tries to complete a puzzle without your box falling into a bottomless pit. Thankfully, Cut It allows you to immediately reset the level by hitting the spacebar, skip to the next stage by hitting M, and return to a previous puzzle by hitting N.

You can download and play Cut It on your Windows or Mac PC for free at Purho's site.