Live Action Raroos at Comic-Con[GameSetWatch's coverage of Comic-Con concludes with a collection of photos from the event compliments of The Raroos. In a revelation that shocked everyone here at GameSetWatch, it turns out Mister Raroo and his family may not actually be a group of elephants after all, but instead are actual human beings! Thanks for reading the Comic-Con series. We hope you enjoyed it!]

Attending San Diego Comic-Con International for Preview Night and all four main days is a tiring feat, and I think I speak for the entire Raroo family when I say we are completely exhausted.

We had a lot of fun this year, especially since it was the first time we were able to attend with baby Yoshie. Missus Raroo and I may have been able to more nimbly navigate the crowds and attend panels to our hearts’ content in the past, but having our kids along with us is definitely more fulfilling.

We feel like we’ve written more than enough on Comic-Con this year, so instead of wrapping up our coverage with more of the same, we thought it would be fun to share some of the photos from our time at Comic-Con. A special thank-you goes out to all of the friendly people we were able to meet up with this year!

Klingon Signs at the Trolley Stop

The San Diego Trolley stop near the Convention Center changed its signage from English... to Klingon! We noticed it as we were making our way to the Convention Center on Preview Night, and we thought it was a pretty cute. There aren’t as many Star Trek cosplayers as in years past, but having the signs in Klingon is kind of a nod of the head to the old-school Comic-Con attendees.

Excited Kaz and Missus Raroo

Kaz was really excited. We think this is the first year our little three-year-old “got” what Comic-Con was all about. He knew he was probably going to get some new toys, so he was very giddy as we waited in line to get into the Convention Center.

Yoshie Snoozing

Our daughter Yoshie, on the other hand, was already wiped out by the time we secured our passes and were waiting in line to get in, and she decided to take a snooze. Oh, the life of a baby! Toting around a baby girl, even in a carrier, proved to be rather tiring over the stretch of the convention, but it was nice.

Luna Ian and Mister Raroo

When we first entered the Convention Center’s main hall, we met up with our friend Ian, fearless clerk at local retro video game store, Luna Video Games. Ian is always smiling, making hanging out with him a pleasure. We had fun canvassing for fellow Dragon Quest IX adventurers together.

Simon Carless and Mister Raroo

Hey, it’s GameSetWatch’s big boss, Simon Carless! Simon is just as pleasant in person as he is online, and I’m glad we finally had the chance to meet face-to-face. Simon had a pretty detailed itinerary for Comic-Con, whereas mine consisted of: “Just walk around and see what adventures transpire.”

Chikorita and Kaz

I’m not sure if Kaz was trying to make a face like Chikorita on purpose or if it was just coincidence, but I think the likeness is uncanny. Kaz fancies himself to be a Pokémon trainer, so we spent a lot of time in that booth.

Dead Rising 2: Raroos

That moose head I'm wearing was already kind of gross from attendees sticking their heads into it, and when we had this photo taken it was only Preview Night. I can’t imagine how nasty it must’ve been by the last day! Kaz was too scared of the zombies to get into the photo with us.

Red Faction Robot

Activision was really doing a lot of promotion for their new Red Faction game, even if we thought it looked totally dull. But at least their booth had this cool robot that people could climb into. We weren’t sure if Kaz would stand in line to get his picture taken after he bailed on the Dead Rising 2 scene, but he actually went through with it.

Marvel Toys at Comic-Con

Comic-Con is totally a toy collector’s paradise. A lot of the big-name toy companies had elaborate displays of their wares. Here we find a pretty awesome battle scene from the Marvel booth. I don't collect toys, but displays like this are almost enough for me to give it some consideration!

Adult Swim Ice Cream Truck

The Adult Swim ice cream truck was painted with an exceptionally bright design that you could see from blocks away. The guy handing out the ice cream was totally goofy and energetic. Pretty soon the line for free ice cream became really long.

Uncle Brandon and Yoshie

It’s Game Developer Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Brandon Sheffield! Brandon spent some time sitting down and being lazy with us. Yoshie seemed to really like sitting with “Uncle Brandon.”

Distant Worlds Concert

Missus Raroo, Yoshie, and I met up with our friend Maki and her son Kazuma at the Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy concert. Sitting on the grass to listen to the music was great, but it ended up getting pretty cold down by the water, so we had to bundle our babies up. Maki brought us yummy treats to snack on, like Chocolate Almond Crunch Pocky!

Shawn Smith and Mister Raroo

It’s the man behind Ninjatown, Shawn Smith! Missus Raroo and I own a handful of Shawn’s original Shawnimal plush toys from the days when he used to make each one by hand. It’s wonderful that such a nice guy has been successful, and we hope things keep going well for him in the future. He deserves it!

Mister Raroo and Stuntdouble

For the first time ever, San Diego Public Library had a booth at Comic-Con, and I put in a couple shifts during the convention. It was really fascinating to have a chance to see what life at Comic-Con is like from the other end of the table. Here I am hanging out with rapper (and library clerk), Stuntdouble.

Library Buttons

At the library’s booth we gave away buttons that featured art drawn by yours truly. I think they turned out really well, and attendees seemed excited to take them. That is Kaz’s hand reaching in to grab a button in the photo.

Yoshie the Bear

We decided to get into the spirit of dressing up for Comic-Con by putting Yoshie into a bear costume. She’s not supposed to be any specific character… we just thought she looked cute! We got quite a few compliments on her outfit.

Pac-Man and Ghosts

As adorable as she was, Yoshie’s bear outfit doesn’t hold a candle to these five attendees who stole the show as Pac-Man and ghosts. The Pac-Man was even saying “Wakka wakka” as he scurried by.

Swag Monster

Swag is a one of the big draws for many attendees, and this guy’s funny costume was a perfect lampooning of the freebie fever that infects many folks at Comic-Con. I added to his costume by taping on some library handouts.

Scary Silent Hill Nurse

Man, this lady's costume was creepy. I have always been scared of those eerie nurses in Silent Hill, but I decided to get my photo taken with her all the same. Even though she looked menacing, she was really friendly, as are most costumed attendees.

Kaz and the Transformers

It was fun to watch Kaz as he wandered around Comic-Con with a look of amazement in his eyes. Here he is enraptured by the Transformers toys on display at Hasbro’s booth. He spent a good chunk of time looking at every square inch of the exhibit so that he wouldn’t miss a single toy.

Mister and Missus Raroo on the Trolley

This is Missus Raroo and me riding the trolley to the Convention Center. Our lives have been so hectic in the past few months, so having a fun vacation together was something we truly needed. We had a great time at Comic-Con, and we know the convention will just as fun next year because, more than anything, we will be enjoying it as a family!

[Mister Raroo is a happy husband, proud father, full-time public library employee, and active gamer. He currently lives in El Cajon, CA with his family and pets. You may reach Mister Raroo at [email protected].]