Creating a setup reminiscent of Sony's PlayStation Eye-based title The Eye of Judgment, Kain Celstoire has brought the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game to life with this proof of concept augmented reality project, made possible with a webcam, Unity Pro (with an AR plug-in), and some AR markers.

He admits that this is just a rough draft completed for a university paper and it doesn't offer much in the way of special effects or scene composition, but he says he's managed to get all of the card game's mechanics working through augmented reality.

"This isn't the ideal gaming platform," says Celstoire. "The way I envisioned it is to have head mounted displays (or contact lenses in the near future) and to have a mobile GPS-based system (e.g iPhone) so you can duel others on the streets."

He also says that one could modify the game to play it without AR markers: "It's not a major technological leap to switch it to an image-based recognition system and have it actually picking up the real playing cards."

Get on it, Konami!

[Via Kain; Thanks, Tim!]