Australian independent game developer Alastair John Jack (Ainevoltas 2, Classicvania) has released another pixely platformer, Arvoesine. He describes the title as "a challenging action game where you play as a Roman soldier". It features 8-bit music from chiptune artist and fellow indie designer Ben "Pgil" Pettengill

I'm not sure how a Centurion would manage to run into a rifle-carrying guard defending a fortress lined with cannons, as is demonstrated in the above screenshot but that sort of wacky anachronism makes me want to play this NES-style platformer even more!

Arvoesine is available to purchase for PCs for $5. Though Alastair John Jack hasn't yet released a trailer allowing you to see the game in motion, you can download a free demo from his site to try it out. More screenshots of Arvoesine after the break!