Adam "Atomic" Saltsman, creator of Flash Actionscript library Flixel and developer of runaway iPhone hit Canabalt, has posted online five prototypes of game ideas he's tinkered with between June 2008 to May 2010.

The prototypes include Rocket Warrior, a Rocket Knight-inspired action title; Nova Miners, a co-op digging/exploration game; Zombie Office, which so far is a level generator for a Metal Slug-esque shooter; Stellar, an overworld for a co-op, procedurally generated Zelda clone; and Take Aim, a Silent Scope-styled sniper game.

Each of the experiments are in various incomplete states, with Take Aim (pictured) seeming to have the most meat to it. Saltsman says he hasn't totally given up on his Nova Miners and Rocket Knight ideas, so it's possible we might see more fleshed out versions of those games, too.

The developer also recently announced that Gravity Hook HD, a remake of his addictive, mine-ascending game, will release to the App Store with a universal (iPhone and iPad) app on July 29th for $2.99.