Radiangames announced the second release for its self-titled series, and it's just as flashy and shooter-y as its Xbox Live Indie Games twin-stick shooter JoyJoy. Due late June, Crossfire will also release on Xbox Live Indie Games and should appeal to fans who love new takes on the Space Invaders design.

In Crossfire, you control a craft battling against approaching enemies, but the twist is you can "warp" to the other side of the screen to blast at the ships from the top. As you'll see in the video, Radiangames has adjusted the mechanics and enemies so you're not just annihilating entire fleets while they fire at the wrong direction.

"Crossfire continues the Radiangames series in spectacular fashion, combining amazing visuals with innovative and intense gameplay," says Radiangames' Luke Schneider, whose previous shipped titles include Red Faction and the Descent series. "Crossfire takes a classic 20th-century formula and flips it on its head while adding visuals and style that players of the 21st-century will love."

Screenshots of Crossfire after the break!