NanaOn-Sha's Masaya Matsuura showed off WINtA, his iPhone/iPad project for industry-supported Charity One Big Game charity, at NLGD Festival of Games 2010 this morning, and revealed that the rhythm action title will feature music from soul legend Marvin Gaye.

That seems obvious in hindsight, seeing as WINtA is an acronym for "war is not the answer", a line ripped from Gaye's famous hit "What's Going On". The PaRappa the Rapper creator demonstrated the game's mechanics, which are similar to Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents, in that you tap markers to Gaye's music.

Matsuura, who's working on the project with Dutch developer Triangle Studios, says he hopes to create a platform that is a great standalone music game but will allow other artists and musicians to contribute content after its launch, according to a report from

WINtA is expected to release for iPhone in a few months. You can watch a short clip of Matsuura demonstrating an early version of the game last November after the break:

[Via @cornevandelft]