The Red Star, XS Games' PS2 and PSP brawler/shoot'em up based on the sci-fi/fantasy graphic novel of the same name, is now available on the iPhone/iPod Touch's App store for $4.99 -- you can also download a free lite version to try it out.

In case you're not familiar with the game/comic book's alternate universe setting, here's a quick primer:

"The Red Star takes place in a war-torn, technologically advanced land known as the United Republics of the Red Star (URRS), a place reminiscent of Soviet era Russia.

In this world, the URRS maintains control over their people through forceful use of their technologically advanced army, an army made even more powerful by the use of sorcerers, soldiers trained to wage war through the use of mystical powers.

However, the URRS’s power is not confined merely to military strength. The nation holds a dark secret about how it actually maintains its might, that when revealed by The Red Star’s main characters leaves them no choice but to fight the URRS head on."

I'm not sure how great the touchscreen controls could be for a brawler/shoot'em up like Red Star (the screen looks a bit crowded with all those UI elements), but it's interesting to see a game that was once left for dead seeing a resurgence on portable platforms.