Keeping up with our coverage of The Creators Project -- Intel and Vice's multi-year program seeking to "identify and celebrate the work of visionary artists" among other goals -- here's a new video interview from the project with game designer Mark "messhof" Essen (Cream Wolf, Flywrench).

Along with discussing why Essen started developing his games and sharing stories like his prank on Business Week, the video shares clips from many of his minimalist, surreal titles like Bike Game and You Found The Grappling Hook. The Creators Project has more videos from his games and an additional Q&A on its profile page for Essen.

Don't forget that later this week, The Creators Project event series launches at New York City's Milk Studios with dozens of exhibits/installations, live music sets, DJ sets, and films. Essen will be there showing off some his games, as will indie rock group Interpol, director/producer Spike Jonze (Where the Wild Things Are), and many others. You can register for the show here.