Square Enix unveiled a new port of Secret of Mana, its beloved multiplayer co-ooperative action RPG originally released for SNES in 1993, will release on iPhone sometime later this year! The game is likely based on the Japan-only mobile port that debuted last year, though with touchscreen controls (which might or might not be terrible).

The publisher also announced that Final Fantasy Tactics, another fan favorite, will make its way to the App Store this September. This seems based on the 2007 PSP game and not the original 1998 PS1 title, as it includes new CG movies, new characters/jobs, and a new English translation.

Final Fantasy Tactics seems a bit more suited for the iPhone than Secret of Mana, as it's a turn-based strategy RPG that shouldn't require a virtual directional pad or a quick control setup. You can watch a trailer for the title after the break:

[Via FingerGaming]