Definitely the game I'm most hyped about from Sony's E3 lineup this year (though I think I'd rather play without the PS Move controls), Kung Fu Rider has you rolling and dashing through the streets of Hong Kong on a variety of "vehicles" (12 in all), like office chairs, small shopping carts, and even luggage on wheels.

The game stars private detective Toby and his assistant Karin as they try to find the best routes of escape in 27 different courses while avoiding mobsters out to get them. Kung Fu Rider also features an off-line co-op mode allowing a friend to aim around the screen with a PS Move wand, collecting items and fending off enemies.

Developed by SCE Japan Studio, Kung Fu Rider is expected to ship exclusively for PS3 (naturally) this September. Hopefully, we'll also see a soundtrack release with the game's theme song! "Kung Fu Riiiiider. Riiiiider. Riiiiider."