Sega posted this wicked trailer its upcoming Xbox 360 port of its mecha-battling arcade game Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force. I'm sure those of you that paid some $300 to pick up Hori's Twin Stick EX controller for Virtual On Oratorio Tangram will be pleased to see another game compatible with the joysticks.

Developed by Hitmaker and released only in Japan back in 2001, Force is distinct from other Virtual-On releases in its emphasis on four-player, 2-vs-2 matches. The Xbox 360 version will feature new HD visuals, four-player splitscreen play (for local games), online battles, a co-op boss fight mode, and more.

Sega intends to release Virtual-On Force in Japan this Winter. It hasn't revealed plans to ship the game Stateside, but it did put out Virtual On Oratorio Tangram in the West through XBLA, so don't lose hope on that just yet!

[Via Mecha Damashii]