I don't know what would compel someone to recreate the original Resident Evil PS1 release in the style of LucasArts' Maniac Mansion, but it's probably best not to question MajorNeese about it, lest he take offense and decide to remove his Resident Evil: The Maniac Mansion Incident videos from YouTube, depriving us of this genius/insane B-movie-style production.

Despite the 2D, adventure game-style perspective, this seems seem to stay true to Resident Evil's experience, using audio clips from the game and even playing a clip of a door with each move to a different room. The amount of artwork MajorNeese created for these silly videos is remarkable; it's a wonder he doesn't just turn this into an actual game with those assets.

You can watch the rest of Resident Evil: The Maniac Mansion Incident and follow Jill Valentine as she explores the zombie-infested mansion at Destructoid.