Quasimoto Interactive announced Game Gate VU, a "console arcade machine" allowing users to pay to play Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games on a high definition 32-inch display at public areas like "family entertainment centers, bowling allies, truck stops, bars, hotels, restaurants and movie theatres".

Operators can configure how long users will be able to play games on the machine depending on how much money/credits is fed into it. They can also customize the sideart, the artwork on its backlit marquee, and the top LED display -- which scrolls messages to attract players and shows remaining player time when in use.

The cabinet features control brackets so players can't run away with the controllers, as well as the ability to restrict access to the system dashboard and settings. It also includes support for memory cards, so gamers can bring their own cards to save their progress/characters. Hooked up systems can connect to a LAN or the internet, too.

Quasimoto has made it so operators can offer more than 300 titles on the machine legally, supplying Game Gate VU owners with a public use license. According to the company, "this is the first official use of the latest console game systems in the coin-operated amusement sector".

You can learn more about the Game Gate VU and Quasimoto's other products at the company's official site.