You might have seen some of RabbitRampage work before, small but adorable felt cases modeled after the original PlayStations or Game Boys, perfect for protecting phones of iPods. The craftster has now ventured into the current generation of home sonsoles with her creations, though, offering felt PS3 slim pouches.

She constructed these 5 1/8" by 3 1/4" cases out of 1mm black felt with a gray felt lining, a velcro closure, and handsewn details (e.g. PS3 logo, power/eject buttons). She also offers a plush controller that you can attach to one of the white straps, sold separately.

And if you're more of a Microsoft fan, RabbitRampage sells a felt case and plush controller for white Xbox 360s, too (photo after the break). Unfortunately, it looks like just sold out of her PS3/Xbox 360 felt cases, but she plans to create more, so keep an eye on her Etsy shop for when those come back in stock.

[Via technabob]