Headquarters Galerie & Boutique in Montreal is celebrating its fourth anniversary with an upcoming exhibit that gathers over 30 local and international artists who've created works based on "the most popular video games from our childhood" -- classics like Street Fighter, Space Harrier, Tetris, Adventure, and More.

The Press Start show begins July 1st and will run until the end of the month. Headquarters Galerie & Boutique plan to throw a launch party on July 8th, and will feature Toy Company's VJ/DJ Pocaille mixing "the most famous 8 bits sounds from the past". Jump past the post break to see some of the artwork that will be on display and a full list of the participating artists.

Participating artists:

Scott Campbell (United States)
Nate Meltzer (United States)
Lou Pimentel (United States)
Tweedlebop (England)
Jim Plukart (Colombia)
mr. Schuster (Germany)
Sneaky Raccoon (England)
Po (Argentinea)
Acet1 (France)
Bunka (France)
Sandra (France)
Dust (France)
Barbara Canepa (France)
Supacat (France)
Koa (France)
Frank Mysteryo (Mexico)
Chauskoskis (Mexico)
Meton (Brazil)
Avive (Québec)
Jonathan Bergeron (Montréal)
Zombie Corp. (Montréal)
Frank Lam (Montréal)
Osmoze (Montréal)
Mélanie Baillairgé (Montréal)
Garrett Van Winkle (Montréal)
Fred Caron (Montréal)
Fred Casia (Montréal)
Scott Harber (Montréal)
Mimi Trailette (Montréal)
Josh Taylor (Montréal)
Toby Cayouette (Montréal)
Scott Ferry (Montréal)
Laura Berger (Montréal)
Rupert Bottenberg (Montréal)
Tyson Bodnarchuk (Montréal)
Lauren (Montréal)
Arno (Montréal)
Nima (Montréal)
Lénia mc farland (Montréal)
JF Groulx (Montréal)
Astro (Montréal)
Yanick Blanchet (Montréal)
Christine Daigle (Montréal)