Abylight's Music On: Retro Keyboard adds another app to the Nintendo DS's fast-growing list of music-making software: Easy Piano, Jam Sessions, KORG DS-10, Rytmik, Electroplankton, etc. This latest one is also the cheapest of the bunch -- only 200 points, or $2 (though you can get mini-Electroplankton releases on the download platform for the same price, too).

Retro Keyboard allows you to play a selection of "keyboard, console and computer sounds from the 80s," and provides rhythms inspired by games from that period. It features a 6 octave keyboard (2 visible), up to 8 user definable chords, 5 different styles (each with 4 variations), independent drum/bass/chorus/parts, 16 instruments, an integrated sequencer, a record/replay option, and more.

The app will release in Australia and Europe on June 25th, with a North American date not yet announced. You can (kind of) preview Retro Keyboard with the other Music On series release that Abylight put out in the U.S. last week, Electronic Keyboard, also only 200 Points.