Hemisphere Games's ambient, even calming PC title Osmos, which took home the 2009 Independent Game Festival's Vision Award, will soon see a release on iOS devices, first on the iPad on July 8th, then on iPhone/iPod Touch around a month later.

In Osmos, players guide a single-celled organism (Mote) as it propels itself around to absorb smaller motes, while avoiding bigger organisms and using the gravitational pull/push of Repulsors/Atractors to their advantage. It's like a mix of ThatGameCompany's fl0w, Nintendo's Orbital/Orbient, and Spore's cell stage.

Hemisphere says it's worked more than six months to rework the iOS versions from the ground up, adding a new game structure, multitouch controls, more levels, and new menus. The studio says it's also smoothed out the difficulty curve and tweaked everything for the devices' screen sizes and processing power.

[Via Nobuooo]