Earlier this month, we spotlighted the efforts of chiptune artist Matthew "Pixelh8" Applegate as he brought kids together to play music on their Nintendo DSes with a touchscreen drum application he created for the handheld. Applegate hoped to involve more kids in a marching samba band, and asked others to donate their "half battered old Nintendo DSes" for the program.

Nintendo took notice of the "Super Chip Tune Samba Band" project and has agreed to provide the musician with systems, according to a report from GeekDad. With that contribution and an earlier donation of several Marshall MS-4 Micro Amps from Marshall Amplification, the band should soon have everything it needs to put on an impressive performance!

While Nintendo obviously wants to help kids get interested in music through its portable systems, it's interesting that they're supporting a program that likely uses flashcarts to run the custom drumming software -- devices that the company has previously called "illegal game copiers" and worked hard to prevent the sale of.

Applegate plans to hod the first Ipswich "Super Chip Tune Samba Band" performance at Ipswich Music Day (in Suffolk, England) on July 4th. He invites children aged over 7 years old and their families to gather for a workshop/rehearsal on July 2nd.