Bandai and online shop Tamashii has revealed the next figure for its Composite Ver.Ka line of robot figures supervised by celebrated mecha designer Hajime Katoki: the iconic MBV-04-G "Temjin" from Sega's original Cyber Troopers Virtual-On, priced at ¥5,040 ($56) and scheduled to release in Japan this October.

From Wikipedia's description of the MBV-04-G "Temjin":

"The first of the two original Virtuaroids, the Temjin is a well-balanced VR that serves as the architecture basis of all Virtuaroids. It is well equipped for long-, mid-, and close-range combat; a pair of fold-out boosters installed underneath its V-converter aids in both speed and aerial combat.

When the Temjin was first designed, its concept included a railgun for combat, which proved to be too cumbersome, and ill-suited for melee combat. Eventually, it was retooled to use a Multipurpose Beam Launcher, or M.P.B.L., a weapon capable of acting both as a rifle and an energy sword."

Mecha Damashii points out that in addition to its M.P.B.L., this figure will also include the prototype rail gun mentioned above. You can check out more photos of the MBV-04-G "Temjin" model, along with a video of the mecha in action (PS2 Sega Ages port):