Indie developer Gaijin Games announced that Bit.Trip Beat, the first game from its WiiWare retro-styled rhythm series, is headed to iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad thanks to publisher Namco.

Originally published by Aksys, Bit.Trip Beat will be Gaijin's first title released on a platform other than Wii's download service (not counting its Bit.Tonik collaboration with Robotube Games at Blip Fest 09).

The game is a modern twist on Pong, challenging players to guide a paddle to bounce incoming waves of blocks that appear and move to the beat of the music. The Wii version had players tilting the Remote to move the paddle; since Apple's iDevices feature accelerometers, too, expect similar tilt controls!

Perhaps if this turns out to be an App Store success, Gaijin and Namco will bring more Bit.Trip games (and their awesome chiptune soundtracks) to iPhone/iPad?