Last September, we featured some of Alberto Mielgo's gorgeous artwork from the first half of The Beatles: Rock Band's superb trailer, which looked to tell a "brief story of young Beatles." Mielgo unfortunately took those images down not long after posting them, but they're back up again!

He's also put several new pieces up showing the Fab Four running through Liverpool and jumping through cars to avoid crazed fans. "All this first half was 2D and AfterFX (with some minor exceptions)," explains Mielgo. "So, as you can imagine, this BG has a hell of layers. This particular scene was create in AfterFX (and other softwares of hell) by ... Jhonny Still"

You can watch the original trailer after the break. Make sure to check out Mielgo's blog for a lot more fantastic non-Beatles art!

[Via @Capy_Nathan]