Video game comedy skit group Mega64 have released a two-disc DVD set for the third season of its series, with six new episodes about the fictional console that gave the crew its name. Those of you who bought the Season 2 DVD back in 2006 have waited a long time for new episodes!

Each episode comes with commentary from the Mega64 team and documentaries comprised of "uncut, raw, untouched behind-the-scenes footage". The region-free DVDs also include deleted scenes, another documentary on the creation of Version 3, "an additional secret documentary", "secret surprises" and more.

The group is also selling a $5 poster version of the DVD's cover art (by Mariel Cartwright), which depicts "an optimistic view of the world of tomorrow". You can buy 11×17″ prints featuring classy portraits of the individuals who make Mega64 possible for $5 apiece or $15 to buy all four posters. You can the DVD cover and prints after the break: