Longtime readers of the site might recall our spotlight on Manic Miner: The Opera several years ago, an audio sketch hoping to "make classical music appeal to a younger audience" with a fictional opera for Matthew Smith's classic platformer Manic Miner, performed by The Franz Kafka Big Band and aired by BBC Radio Scotland.

Colin Broom -- who composed the three-part opera with librettist Colin Edwards and singer Kenny Reid -- has returned to the five-year-old project with a video for Manic Miner: The Opera's first scene, Central Cavern, using footage from the game's CPC Amstrad version to accompany the song and show "Miner Willy and his journey through the mines".

The video ends at a cliffhanger with Willy encountering a stage full of "Wacky Amoeeeeeeeebatrons" -- hopefully we'll see videos for the rest of the scenes, too! Broom says he'll produce clips for the rest of Manic Miner: The Opera's scenes if he finds time.