Keeping up our coverage of the latest, high definition-est AAA games like Maniac Mansion, we bring you this magnificent painting of the adventure game's Edison family by LucasArts veteran and Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, who you might remember illustrated the cover art for the late '80scult favorite.

LucasArts, then Lucasfilm Games, asked Steve to create this 2x3 feet oil painting of the for the packaging on a reissued edition of Maniac Mansion years ago -- you can see the back of the box and the full painting after the break.

Purcell explains the project:

"The back of the box has a photo of an eerie haunted house-type hallway. Originally I was commissioned to do a tiny painting to be hung in a constructed scale model hallway,... until someone realized it would cost more to create a scale hallway than it would to make a full-sized one.

At that point the commission was revised to ask for a full size portrait. I thought of it as a Disney Haunted Mansion style piece and painted it in a weekend in oils with a few fairly large brushes."

Apparently, the painting is hanging in Purcell's home; ask him to see it in person the next time you're just hanging out at his house!