Spanish indie developer Locomalito has posted a "Making Of" document chronicling his work on Hydorah, his recently released 16-bit-style shoot'em up that's received a lot of praise from the indie community in the past several weeks.

The behind-the-scenes look offers a lot of insight on Locomalito's design and development process during the two and a half years he worked on the game, sharing his sketches, tools, and goals for Hydorah:

"I wanted it to have the intensity of 80s games and the dark and colorful ambiance of 70s movies, where space-age adventures had also some magical features like gods, demons, heroes ... with little explanations and many things left to the imagination.

It also should be challenging, and require some pretty evasive movements, counter attacks, with power limitations and decisive selections. So I started planning a huge game, with lots of levels and enemies, different ways to reach the end, secrets, unlockable weapons, two endings ... something that can be called a space adventure, more than a shooting game."

The 20-page "Making Of" report also examines the creation of the game's cover art and soundtrack, with composer Gryzor87 sharing photos of his studio and the homemade Flemish Virginal/Muselaar (pictured) he used to record several songs for Hydorah.

You can download the "Making Of" and Hydorah for free at Locomalito's site.