James Kochalka Superstar, the bohemian band of American Elf cartoonist James Kochalka, is putting out another release filled with songs the artist created on his Game Boy Advance. Releasing on white vinyl, The Digital Elf & Kissers LP is a double album, that's both "very very electronic" and "very very organic".

The Digital Elf portion contains the GBA songs (which you can sample with the "Bacharacg Galactica" music video embedded below), while the Kissers half is a long out of print soundtrack for Kochalka's graphic novel of the same name.

Senor Hernandez is taking preorders for 300 copies of the LP, 200 of which include just the regular 50+ minute, solid white record with a sleeve featuring new black and white artwork from Kochalka. 100 special copies include all of that, plus a signed and numbered silkscreen print of the album cover!