After delaying the game's North American release several times, UFO Interactive has decided to just cancel its plans to publish Arcade Shooter: Ilvelo altogether, according to a representative from the publisher. The company produced that neat trailer with the paper-based shoot'em up for nothing!

UFO Interactive didn't specify why it's turning its back to Ilvelo, but I presume there wasn't enough interest from gamers/retailers for it. If they're really desperate to play Ilvelo, they can import the Japanese game, so long as they have a Japanese Wii or homebrew region-switcher (if so, don't install the new Wii firmware update!).

Milestone Inc.'s shoot'em ups just can't catch a break -- its Radilgy/Radirgy/Radio Allergy release for GameCube suffered a similar fate under another publisher, O~3 Entertainment. It was eventually included in Ultimate Shooting Collection for Wii, which UFO managed to get to stores in North America last year.

Ilvelo's cancellation, though, doesn't bode well for a possible U.S. release of Radirgy: Noir or Milestone's upcoming fighting games, Project Cerberus and the wonderfully titled Twinkle Queen.

[Via Siliconera]