Rounding up the feature-length stories from the Gamasutra network, here's the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus the new GameCareerGuide pieces that debuted last week.

Some genuinely neat stuff in here - including chats with the folks behind Deadly Premonition and Halo: Reach, plus an interview with Activision's chief operating officer, a fun new Game Design Challenge, a look at outsourcing in today's market, and much more.

Cha cha cha:

Halo: Reach - The Beta Story
"Bungie's Jarrard and Carney discuss Halo: Reach's extensive beta, the evolving multiplayer landscape, and learning from the community while still driving the series' evolution."

Reward Systems, An Excerpt From Level Design: Concept, Theory, and Practice
"Presenting an excerpt from Eufloria co-creator Rudolf Kremers' 'Level Design: Concept, Theory, and Practice' -- from escapism to simulation, reward systems and structures."

Activision: Business Is Good, And Getting Better
"This extensive interview with Activision Blizzard COO Thomas Tippl covers the current state of the company's business and its prospects for the future -- taking in how decisions are made and how franchises can be expanded and preserved."

Outsourcing: A Little Checklist to Save You a Lot of Hassles
"Working with outsourcers is a vital part of game development these days, but it's easy to get off track, and this article from a former Development Director for 2K Games delves into methods to increase reliability and foster communication."

Thank You And Guys, I Love You!! - A SWERY Interview
"Deadly Premonition creator Hidetaka "SWERY" Suehiro explains the cult-favorite game's unique creative decisions, the polarized reception from fans, and the breadth of his vision."

GCG: Game Engines and Frameworks for Small and Independent Studios
"Written as a report for Nanyang Technological University, Singapore masters of science degree, this comparison of different engine technologies indies and students might use is a helpful resource for making tech decisions."

GCG: Game Design Challenge: Michael Jackson
"Ubisoft recently announced it has the rights to develop a Michael Jackson game -- but why wait for them to announce it? Get cranking on your own King of Pop adventure!"