Compiling the feature-length stories from the Gamasutra network, here's the top full-length features of the past week on big sister 'art and business of gaming' site Gamasutra, plus the new GameCareerGuide pieces that debuted last week.

Lots of good things in here, including a Starcraft II beta interview, a chat to Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert, the resurgence of the horror game, a design piece on multiplayer for kids games, a postmortem of Frozenbyte's Trine, and much more besides.

Cha cha cha:

StarCraft II: Building On The Beta
"SCII design director Dustin Browder shares many of his ideas on both single and multiplayer game design, and how Blizzard targets the broad and disparate audience it sees for its world-beating RTS series."

Postmortem: Frozenbyte's Trine
"Developers of the popular PSN and PC download game talk challenges in transitioning from PC to console development, and getting game balance right in their quest to create a memorable fairytale adventure."

Conflicting Views: Designing Multiplayer In Children's Games
"WayForward designer Stephan Frost combines experience and literature to delineate two schools of thought on how children's games handle multiplayer, and on approaching a young audience for testing and implementation of design ideas."

Revival Horror: New Ideas in Fear-Making
"What goes into making a good horror game? Michael Thomsen speaks to Visceral Games, Grasshopper Manufacture, Tale of Tales and more to get to the core of the art of the scare."

Q-Time For Q-Games
"Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert discusses work with Sony and Nintendo, and the thinking and technology behind the popular downloadable Pixeljunk game series."

GCG: Learning to Play 1: Playing By Ear
"In the first installment of new GCG column Learning to Play, Cleveland Institute of Art student Andrew Kuhar ruminates on the disappearance of regular gameplay time from his schedule."

GCG: The Narrative Role of Music in Role-Playing Games: Final Fantasy VII
"A thesis excerpt by Christopher Chong from the University of Nottingham's Department of Music, in which he dissects the import of the music in the RPG classic Final Fantasy VII."