As part of a "Literary Remix Contest" hosted at GalleyCat, GSW contributor and Octopus Motor's Sparky (who may or may not have had some involvement in Schadenfreude Interactive) created this mash-up of Oregon Trail and a page from Horatio Alger's 1913 novel Joe's Luck --- presumably one of those "orphan pulls himself up by his bootstraps" books Alger was famous for.

GalleyCat will combine her interpretation of the page with 149 other contributed remixed pages and publish it as a free digital book, which sounds like a really fun idea, especially if the other submissions are even half as fun as this one.

Sparky explains her page: "I've remixed my bit in the style of Oregon Trail, the classic Apple II game. Like Joe Mason, your Oregon Trail team has to make their way through a rough-and-tumble land with adversity at every turn. But unlike an Alger tale, the Oregon Trail usually ends with everyone dying of dysentery."

You can see more screenshots from Sparky's remix at GalleyCat.