Continuing our coverage of mods inspired by ThinkGeek's iCade mock-up from last April Fools', here's another prototype of an iPad arcade mini-cabinet, this time from Freekade, a UK outfit that specializes in building small, custom arcade setups.

Like the Japanese cardboard iPad arcade setup we previously featured, Freekade's work somehow sends commands from the joystick and buttons to the tablet through its dock connector -- the firm stresses that this is not simply a VNC-type client.

Unlike that previous prototype, though, this one sits the iPad in portrait mode and plays classic games like Mr. Do, likely made possible through jailbreaking the system. While most iPad owners probably wouldn't consider jailbreaking their system, I'd sure many would still love to see Freekade add custom cabinets like this to its catalog/services.

[Via Engadget]