With the number of board game adaptations for modern video games increasing recently (e.g. EVE: Conquests and World of Warcraft: The Board Game), it's only right that several classic titles receive their own tabletop editions, such as Maziacs the Boardgame.

Based on Don Priestley's 1983 ZX Spectrum release Maziacs (video after the break), this board game version challenges players to navigate a randomly-generated maze full of dangerous but dumb spider-like monsters -- the Maziacs -- while trying to find gold and an escape route.

Jorge Arroyo, creator of Maziacs the Boardgame, explains how it works:

"The game uses tiles to build a new random maze each play and mechanics to create a unique path towards the treasure. This path is slowly uncovered by the player by asking prisoners that can be found randomly through the maze.

Also, the Maziacs will appear randomly and try to kill the hero, but as long as he has a sword, he'll be safe. There's also a mechanic that will adjust the chance of a new Maziac appearing based on the number of Maziacs already on the board and the distance from the exit.

In the end, it's all about beating the game system, either as a solo or cooperative game, trying to maneuver through the tight corridors fooling Maziacs into dead ends and finding the correct path to the treasure."

You can download everything you'll need to play Maziacs the Boardgame for free at BoardGameGeek.

[Via RetroRemakes]