Omni Systems has announced that its "ambient real-time strategy game" Eufloria (formerly Dyson), which was a finalist for the Vision and Grand Prize awards at the 2009 Independent Games Festival, will release on PlayStation Network some time in early 2011. The studio intends to self-publish the title.

Eufloria is already available for PC through download services like Steam, but this edition will feature improvements and additions to the indie game's mechanics, interface, and graphics, as well as new content. The developer comments that with all the enhancements in the PSN version, it would be more accurate to describe the new edition as "Eufloria ++".

Presented with minimalist-style visuals meant to recall illustrations of children's books like The Little Prince, Eufloria has you managing trees and seedlings on an asteroid, which you can expand to other asteroids while fending off rival seedlings that are after the same resources and real estate. I've included a trailer for the game after the break.

The studio says this reboot of the game will also come out as a free update to current and future owners of Eufloria for PC. You can also expect new tracks from composer Brian "Milieu" Grainger, who worked on the "ambient landscapes" in the game's original release.

"During original development we had many really nice ideas that could not be implemented due to scope considerations," says Omni Systems' Rudolf Kremers. "Core development was down to only two people after all. This PSN release gives us a marvelous opportunity to put several of them into the game after all, which is very exciting to us."

You can learn more about Eufloria or purchase the PC game at Omni Systems' official site.