Toronto's Benjamin Rivers, the indie game designer who released attractive pastel platformer The Ascent, debuted a completely different kind of project several months ago at a local game developer get-together: Drunken Rampage, an "interactive drinking game."

The instructions are simple:

"Use the Atari joystick to punch left, right, up and down! The longer the rampage, the more Chain Bonus Points™ you'll see in the upper-left-hand corner.

Once you reach Maximum Chain™ mode, the screen will flash --mthat's your cue to press the red button on the Atari joystick, take a drink, and pass the controller to the person next to you!

Continue until somebody forgets their name, the police arrive, or the cruel rays of dawn scatter your guests back home!"

You can watch a video of Rivers demonstrating it during his Hand Eye Society presentation below. Drunken Rampage is available to download for free from his site, as is his new PC game thrown together at Toronto Game Jam 2010, Missing.