Though the real Adventurers Club -- Walt Disney World Resort's themed nightclub set during New Years Eve in 1937 -- was closed to the public in September 2008, you can still explore and experience a virtual version of it thanks to a new Garry’s Mod release from modder Breben.

Breben spent around 730 hours in the past 15 months trying to create an accurate model of the former Walt Disney World attraction, complete with interactive props and audio recorded at the actual Adventurers Club. He used a variety of media and reference material, especially photos Adventurers Club visitors posted on Flickr.

The modder says he created this virtual replica with "the hope that someone (wealthy) will someday be able to use my video to build their very own Adventurers Club to the exact same specifications as the original one." He admits, "[It's] a far-fetched dream, but you never know…"

[Via Boing Boing, Inside The Magic]