If you've yet to try out Desktop Dungeons, Rodain Joubert's freeware, streamlined roguelike "re-imagined as a single-screen puzzle game" (read our interview with Joubert here), now's a great time to jump in with the game's new 0.14 update that introduces some significant changes.

Desktop Dungeons now features a new default tileset created by indie game designer Derek Yu, who has a knack for creating charming sprites, as you've likely already seen in titles like Spelunky, Aquaria, and even his old BlackEye Software releases.

Version 0.14 also introduces major changes to the religion system, allowing you to earn piety points by leveling up or completing specific tasks assigned by your god (e.g. killing a particular enemy type), then trading those points for upgrades and bonuses at a temple.

And if you're a Desktop Dungeons veteran, the update offers "more content for the super-hardcore endgame players". You can download the Windows game and read more about Version 0.14's changes here.

[Via IndieGames.com]