When we last caught a glimpse of Hideyoshi Moriya's iPad Arcade setup, we only had a brief, low-quality video of the cardboard cabinet shot at Make: Tokyo Meeting 05 to examine. Moriya has since posted higher resolution videos and a much longer video of the accessory in action (watch the latter after the break)!

From what I can make out in his notes posted online, the iPad sits in a dock, and the joystick/buttons are hooked up to an Arduino board that communicates with the tablet wirelessly. The cardboard cabinet isn't necessary, but it makes it look that much neater. Also, after some close inspection of the video Moriya uploaded, I've determined that his two puppies are super cute.

If you have time to watch more photos of iDevice experiments -- which you probably do, otherwise you wouldn't have hit the bottom of this post -- check out Moriya's previous project he showcased at Make: Tokyo Meeting 04, which allows a user to blow into an iPhone's mic, powering a fan that blows up a girl's skirt. Technology!