As part of its E3 showing this year, Atlus debuted two intriguing indie titles it intends to release through digital distribution platforms: Frozenbyte's Trine 2 and ACE Team's Rock of Ages.

Trine 2, naturally, is a sequel to last year's well-received high-fantasy, physics-based action platformer for PC/PSN. This follow-up will include "more action, more puzzles, and the introduction of online support" for its three-person, co-op multiplayer mode. Expects this to release on so-far unspecified digital distribution platforms next spring.

Also coming next spring is a new and original title from ACE Team, the Chilean studio behind acclaimed first-person shooter/brawler Zeno Clash. Rock Of Ages (trailer after the break) is a completely different experience from ACE's debut title, combining strategy with rock-rolling in over two dozen stages.

In Rock Of Ages two warring castles take turns sending giant boulders across an uneven, narrow pathway in order to take down their opponent's towers. In between the rock-rolling, they build defenses on that pathway. Just as awesome as the concept, each stage is modeled after a different period of classical art, featuring art styles and music from that era.