Swedish developer Paradox Interactive, known for its excellent historical strategy PC games like its Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron series, released this new trailer showcasing the features of it next title, Victoria 2, due August 13th, 2010.

In this "grand strategy game", players take control of a country during the colonial era of the 19th century, guiding it through "industrialisation, political reforms, military conquest and colonisation". Victoria 2 offers more than 200 playable countries, dozens of government types, thousands of inventions, an economy with over 50 kinds of goods/production factories, and more.

Much more than just a wargame, Victoria 2 promises an in-depth political simulation where you'll see the consequences of your decisions not just in the game world, but in your population's reactions based on their "political awareness, social class, as well as their willingness to accept or revolt against their government."

You can watch another trailer for Victoria 2 after the break, and find more information on the game at Paradox Interactive's site.