Remember 03 Pixel!, Arkedo Studio and Pastagames' 2D platformer with glowing, retro-style graphics that released on Xbox Live Indie Games last December? It will soon be available on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, too! Sort of!

Pastagames and Bulkypix have teamed up to bring a game that looks an awful lot like 03 Pixel, even featuring the same adorable cat, to the App Store. Titled Pix’n Love Rush, the game has been simplified and is now geared at providing short sessions of coin-collecting cross 125 randomly assorted levels (I love the Game Boy and Virtual Boy-themed environment!)

For longer play sessions, Pix’n Love Rush offers a "God Mode" that gives player more difficult challenges each time they complete a stage. The game also has achievements, online leaderboards, an infinity mode, seven skins, and more.

Pix’n Love Rush will soon be available on iPhone for $0.99, with an iPad release following not long after.